T H A N K   Y O U   F O R
Y O U R   S U P P O R T !

N O W   I T ' S
T I M E   T O

V O T E !!

To continue making great mechanical theater,
Chicago Robotic Theater needs your VOTE.

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Chicago Robotic Theater's More Than Clouds
in the Sky

Don't have anything to do at 6am on Saturday morning? Watch us on the Channel 5 news. Yes, we're going to be there. Not sure we'll be awake, but that's the fun part!

That's 6am, July 17, Channel 5 news.
Friedrich will be there!

C R T   I S
Christopher Furman
Patrick Reynolds
Christopher Preissing
Taylor Hokanson
Audrey Peiper

P R O J E C T  U P D A T E S July 6, Load-In

July 8, Stage Construction

July 9, Stage Construction 2

More Than Clouds in the Sky is Chicago Robotic Theater's entry in "Make Believe: Reactivating Vacant Spaces in Wicker Park Bucktown." Installed in the storefront at 1271 North Milwaukee, and launching on Thursday, July 15, More Than Clouds in the Sky will be audience activated and fully automated with computers, sound, and lights. Then the fun begins. Audiences will have an opportunity to VOTE for their favorite installation, and of course, we hope you will VOTE for More Than Clouds in the Sky!

To mount this show Chicago Robotic Theater needs your support. Please visit our KickStarter page to find out how you can help make it happen, and take home some nifty swag for yourself too. Check back for updates, photos, audio, and video as the project develops. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the 15th!